Humor campaign

Yes, that must be a misunderstanding! When have you experienced it?

It is often said that 50% of all advertising and marketing dollars are wasted, but with digital communication and marketing it approaches 90%

Awareness and maintaining the interest of the target groups is still the most important thing in advertising and communication both online and offline, and absolutely crucial elements to create this are humor and entertainment.

Why does digital communication have to be so boring?

If you want to know a little more about how your digital activities can create much better results by being entertaining, then get in touch.

How to bring on the smile....?

Humor in advertising is a powerful and widely used tool to capture the attention of audiences, create memorable brand experiences, and make a lasting impact.

Successful humor in advertising often depends on understanding the target audience’s preferences, cultural norms, and sensitivities. When used effectively, humor can make advertising campaigns more engaging, memorable, and shareable.




Miele is a very strong consumer brand with brand in several areas.
One of them is their vacuum cleaner.
Promoting a new vacuum cleaner with an international developed campaign adaptable for national use was the assignment. – and the campaign should be multi channel.


A plant located in the former capital of Spain, Valladolid that produces self-heating cans with coffee, tea and latte….and an idea of making the production commercial.

That was the basic that was there before everything started when creating the brand from scratch. No name, no look and feel, no nothing! Create an international brand. That was the exciting task we were given before creating name, logo, packaging, design, identifying values and the core of the brand.


AI generated images

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